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New version of the AVE 2 is available: v.2.0.1561.49

The new version of the Advanced View Editor now available! This update brings new feature for Pro version: localization for views, folders and columns. Now you able to translate view or folder name, description and column's header without need to export management pack! Read more.

Other changes are listed below:

  1. Able to remove columns with missed properties. For instance, if management pack with class extension was removed.
  2. Properties in Code Snippets Menu are sorted
  3. Fixed: Issue with view with custom namespace

You can download new version here (both Free and Pro versions)

New free tool availible: Notification Email Tester

The SCSM Email Template Tester allows you to check the output HTML\Plain Text for any notification template in SCSM console without send any email.

New version of the AVE 2 v.2.0.1561.42 is availible

The new version of the Advanced View Editor 2 v.2.0.1561.42 is availible to download.

This version bring to live new features for AVE 2 Pro:

  1. Copy View. With this feature you can copy any unsealed view.
  2. Display information from column with same name but different type in My Work Items View.

You can download new version from official site or from TechNet Gallery. Update is simple as always: just import new MPB to your SCSM installation.


SCSMSolutions on air!

Hello and welcome to SCSMSolutions! Here you can find many extensions for Microsoft® System Center® Service Manager and learn how to use them in your environment. SCSMSoluitons offer you read-to-use tools and products what extend functionality of the Service Manager and allow you to save time and money!

You can find here the AVE 2 Pro, PowerShell Activity and many other extensions. Stay tuned!

Automation with MPBMaker

Use MPBMaker to automate management pack development process. Include MPBMaker in Visual Studio build events or with other tools.

Download now...

Documentation and hints & tips

Read the documentation and find out how to use solutions to full power. Want to know how to add SLA status icon as view's column or add MPBMaker as Visual Studio build event step? Then start reading right now!


Advanced View Editor 2 Pro

Bring the new features to you views like Auto-Refresh and advanced columns. Create XML-like criteria easily with Code Snippets menu. View all your work items in on list with My Work Items View. And much more!


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